Life Landmarks, 2009

I’ve been away for a while, since June, while I have been trying to get some of my act straight. Has it worked? Nope. However, during the time that I have been gone, I have accomplished several things that are definitely landmarks in my life. First, I could not continue at Target any longer, as it was a continuous headache and I had associated their trademark bulls-eye to chronic increased blood pressure. I found another job within a week, which surprised me, given the hard economic times. I started up at an eBay firm, which is less stressful, closer to my home, and a desk job. Then, after a week and a half in, my car was towed and impounded by NYPD while I was at work due to a plethora of unpaid tickets. It was also still registered in California, and expired. Along with the New York State Marshall’s fees and the $20/day storage fee, the total, non-negotiable cost to get my vehicle out is a whopping $3410 as of the date of this post, and counting. I went to the NYC Finance Office and spoke with my administrative attorney, but to no avail. A payment plan was not available to me from the city because of the California registration. Even if I could scrape up the $550 to register here in New York City, including the penalty for not taking care of this in the first 30 days after moving here, my driving record has so many points on it that both Geico and Progressive insurance companies want to charge me upward of $800 a month for full coverage! I said forget it, and await the day that they auction off my car. I don’t even need a car, as I kept it merely for matters of convenience. With all the tickets and costs with associated with having a car in New York City, especially with my impatient lead foot, it was much more of an inconvenience. Hindsight is always 20/20.

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