New York Becomes Second Largest Polish City After Warsaw

W Nowym Jorku więcej Polaków niż w Chicago.

Coming back from Warsaw for the first time last month, after falling in love with the city, and as a born-and-raised New Yorker, I was delighted to hear (somewhat late) of the fact that New York City recently surpassed Chicago as the largest Polish city in the world after Warsaw. The Big Apple is home to more than 55,000 Polish immigrants born in the motherland, and this number is rising yearly; Chicago has about 46,000.

According to Nowy Dziennik and Voices of NY, figures taken from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (2008-2010) tell us this:

The city [Chicago] is now home to 45,958 immigrants of Polish origin and 126,346 Americans of Polish origin (data from the American Community Survey for 2008-2010). In comparison, the same source estimates that there are currently 55,581 immigrants of Polish origin living in New York and 163,269 Americans of Polish origin.

Also, when it comes to the number of Polish Americans living in the entire state, New York, with 999,178 people of Polish origin (including 86,527 individuals born outside the U.S.) tops Illinois. In the latter, there are 979,499 Polish Americans, including 148,286 immigrants.

I’m happy that the Polish people, among others, continue to choose Nowy Jork as their new home.

Witamy w Nowym Jorku!

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