Ryan Eilers Joins the Navy

Ryan Eilers circa 2004Back in my teenage years, I became somewhat fascinated with the U.S. Navy. I wanted to be a Navy SEAL, the best of the best. I worked out and joined the Navy Sea Cadets, in hopes of making that goal more attainable.

The thought of enlisting lost its luster for me after I graduated high school, but perhaps my enthusiasm for it left enough of a mark on my younger brothers. Eddie joined about two years ago now, and he is currently stuck aboard some submarine in the northern portion of the Atlantic Ocean.

And then a few months back, I learned that Ryan, the youngest of our parents’ four boys, would also be following that path into the United States Navy. It didn’t hit me until I saw the Facebook page of his local Navy recruiting office post a picture of him.

I had mixed feelings about this; on one hand I am very proud, yet on the other I am a bit saddened as it represents something like the end of an era. No longer will my parents have a child at home, which has been the case for almost thirty years. Even so, I am proud of my little bro for taking this step. Ryan is nine¬†years my junior, and he’s come a long way from the little guy I remember him vividly as…

Fair winds and following seas, little bro.


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