“Rainbow Cookies” – A Poem

Rainbow cookies, short and sweet,
Rainbow cookies, square and neat,
Rainbow cookies, from New York streets,
Rainbow cookies, so good to eat.

Rainbow cookies, an Italian flag,
an homage to the boot, without the jet lag,
red, white, and green, to my friends I’ll brag,
of your deliciousness and taste, I’ll stuff my mouth till I gag.

Rainbow cookies, a name somewhat fake,
you’re not really a cookie, you’re more like a cake,
So fucking good you taste, for heaven’s sake,
I eat till my stomach aches.

Rainbow cookies, Mariia denies you’re legit
Joseph doesn’t care much, and even Olha a bit.
And somehow even Lida, is afraid to admit,
but they’re all just jealous, that they taste like shit.

Rainbow cookies, don’t mind their ignorant botch,
If it offends you I’ll be happy, to kick them in their crotch,
You’re so damn delicious, with milk, juice, even scotch,
as a meal or a snack, holy shit! kurwa mac!

Rainbow cookies, Mariia made me write this ode,
but I would have done it anyway, without her and Lida the toad,
they are just bitter to you, because they weren’t bestowed,
with taste and deliciousness, even better a la mode.

Mariia and Lida might be, undeniably adorable,
but they’re attitudes toward you, are simply deplorable.
They’re small and cute, but you’re small and portable,
They don’t understand, how you’re good and they’re horrible.

Rainbow cookies, so delightful and yummy,
Lida and Mariia, delightful, but dummies,
Rainbow cookies, so good in my tummy,
you make me want to, go hug my mummy.

Dedicated to Mariia and Lidiia, my two Ukrainians living in Warsaw. They hate rainbow cookies.

Right or Wrong?

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Right or wrong? If something is one or the other, who decides? I believe that we are born with a broad sense of what is right and what is wrong, and different factors like our environment and our parents nurturing help us further determine to ourselves these ethical decisions. However, what if anything was not really a matter of right and wrong? What if things just happen? Let’s take for example our war on terror after 9/11. We feel anger, even hatred, towards Osama and the other initiators of this deed. I am a New Yorker, and at the time, I almost personally went looking for his punk ass. We are doing what we feel is “right” in going to the Middle East and establishing some sort of justice. But, if you think about it, terrorists do what they deem is right when they perform these acts of terror. Actually, they feel it is so right, and they believe in their actions so, so much, that they are willing to die for their beliefs and for their people. In America, there is a very mixed consensus as to how we should react and carry on. We as a country cannot agree unanimously on any actions we should take, and our soldiers may die for our country, but how many Americans will go to the extent that some people go to for their country or religious beliefs? Martyrdom for us Americans seems to be an absurd option. Oh well, I’m losing my train of thought here. Until next time………